horny26thickcock asked:

Such a hot page y'all have!! You got my thick cock throbbing at work rite now :) can't stop thinking of those beautiful tits ,ass and pretty pussy! Would love to know what u think of my page :)

Disgusted by both this message and your page. You can kindly unfollow our blog before we block you.

And let this be an example to anyone looking at our blog, we could give a fuck less about how “hard” we make you. We’ve made it clear before if your some sex crazed guy with a creepy blog, just stay the fuck away. I about threw up reading this message.

chokeme-fuckme asked:

hey there! i'm new to having a porn blog and i was just wondering if you could tell your followers about my blog. i'd greatly appreciate it. btw, i love love love your blog. much love. xoxo.

Of course sweetie! I just checked out your blog and I love it! So everyone go follow her :) -her




First video!

Still love this.